Keeping the Bee in Business

President’s Message

Hello BEEKS,

I pray that everyone is in good health and spirit. I want you to know that there are interesting things in the works at WASBA. And while change is not always easy to accept, I will tell you that we are not changing for change’s sake but to benefit the beekeeper.

One thing that I am excited about is making all club presidents ADHOC members of the outreach committee on the WASBA board. This move will give the club presidents a voice for their associations to WASBA. This action was just recently voted on and passed by the WASBA board. If you are a club president or an elected board member at your local association, please email me at bees@woodsbeeco.com for more information.

We are also excited about establishing a Master Beekeepers program to educate and train beekeepers at all levels. In order to support this effort, we have assembled a group of Master Beekeepers. While we are still structuring this core group of Master beekeepers, we are eager to get them involved in the community. Read more about this in the Master Beekeepers Corner and WSU Update columns below!

For years the Olympia beekeeping association have kept bees at the capital. However, due to COVID the club was unable to maintain this obligation. WASBA in partnership with Hives for Heroes and GRUB has assembled a group of veterans who are now maintaining two colonies of bees. The bees and equipment were donated by Mann Lake, Woods Bee Co, and GRUB. We are truly thankful to the Olympia Beekeepers Association for introducing bees to the capital whereby they have learned how important the honeybees are.    

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who took part in the beekeeping survey. While we are still working through the results of the survey, the remarks from the beekeepers will provide us with the information we will need to better serve the beekeepers in Washington State. However, in order to accomplish some of the items listed in the survey we will need to increase our membership, learn more about becoming a member here. Please pass this on thank and thank you for your support!

Alan Woods,
WASBA President