Washington State Beekeepers Association

Keeping the Bee in Business

Journeyman Beekeeper

This course is intended for the serious beekeeper who wants to learn more about beekeeping for their own knowledge and/or to become a sideliner or commercial beekeeper.

Journeyman Certification Requirements/Guidelines:

  1. Be a member of the Washington State Beekeepers Association.
  2. Be a member of a Local Organization (if possible).
  3. Taken and passed the Apprentice Beekeeper Course or equivalent
  4. After successfully completing the Apprentice Course:
    • Kept colonies for at least 3 years. (Exceptions may be made if the intent of the guidelines is met. Contact
    • Maintain a beekeeping journal for a minimum of 2 years.
    • Earn at least 35 Public Service Points.
    • Mentor a new beekeeper.
    • Take and pass the WASBA Journeyman Beekeeper Course with a score of no less than 85%.
    • Take and pass the Journeyman Field Test Report with a score of no less than 90%.

Practical Field Test

Upon satisfactory completion of the WASBA Journeyman requirements and submission of application, the student will receive a certificate of completion and patch acknowledging Journeyman status. 

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Public Service Points

Public service points are a key element of the Journeyman Beekeeper Program. A total of 35 points must be earned as one part of the requirements for applying for Journeyman certification.

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