Keeping the Bee in Business

WA Pollinator License Plate Project

WASBA has decided to petition the state for a vehicle license plate that recognizes honey bees and pollinators and their importance to our food supply. In order to win approval, WASBA needs to collect signatures from people who are willing to purchase 3,500 license plates for cars, trucks, trailers – any vehicle requiring a license plate. So, if you or a friend of yours would be interested in having such a plate on more that one vehicle, that is the number that you would put on the Special License Plate Series Signature Sheet (pdf). The funds raised from this project will be a recurring source of revenue that will be administered by WASBA and will go toward honey bee and pollinator research and education in the state.

Collected 1,138 out of 3,500 Signatures

Download this sheet as a PDF to share & collect signatures.
*These designs are not final, please email feedback to info@wasba.org!