Keeping the Bee in Business


As a group, WASBA supports our members by lobbying State Government for things such as the Beekeepers Bill of Rights which protects beekeepers from frivolous lawsuits. We also fund research and development in partnership with WSU and other institutions. Activities throughout the year highlight current research, train new beekeepers, and assist experienced beekeepers in learning new techniques.

WASBA Serves Washington Beekeepers in the Following Areas:

  • To help maintain vibrant local beekeeping organizations
  • Speakers Bureau provides educational speakers for your organization
  • To assist the agricultural community
  • To improve relations between Beekeepers, Government Agencies, and the Public
  • To promote Beekeeping and bee products in the State of Washington and abroad
  • To promote and maintain industry connections at the state, national, and international level
  • To collectively represent all Beekeepers of Washington State
  • To promote and enhance beekeeping research in the State of Washington


Your membership in WASBA contributes to the welfare of hobbyist and professional beekeepers alike. As a group, we lobby for things such as the Beekeepers Bill of Rights and Section 18 permission to use specific miticides, to name a few. We also fund research and development activities relating to bees and beekeeping at the University level. Activities throughout the year highlight current research, train new beekeepers, and assist experienced beekeepers in learning new techniques. Furthermore, our bi-monthly newsletter will keep you abreast of issues affecting beekeepers in Washington State.

What We Do

WASBA is a volunteer organization. Here are some of the things we do for you:

Represent the interests of thousands of beekeepers in the State of Washington. WASBA is The Official Umbrella organization with over 20 local affiliate organizations.

Maintains a comprehensive website on Washington State specific beekeeping information.

Topical newsletter emphasizing Washington and regional information for members.

Contact information for all local beekeeping organizations.

Area representation for all areas in the State of Washington.

Work with the Washington State Department of Agriculture

Protection of honey bees from misuse of pesticides.

Rapidly disseminate information regarding potential threats such as the Giant Asian Hornet

Worked with WSDA to recreate the Apiary Advisory Committee (AAC).

Work each year with WSDA to authorize “section 18” miticide treatments for Washington State beekeepers.

Promote the welfare of local beekeeping associations

Local beekeeping associations can apply for a grant for up to $2,000 to be used to make a greater positive impact in their areas.

Provide educational speakers through the “Speakers Bureau” to provide talks at local organizations

Master Beekeeper Certification Committee

Creates the education standards for teaching beekeeping in Washington State.

A five level education program to educate beekeepers that includes testing and certification.

Work closely with WSU

Queen rearing program that provides SMR queens to local associations.

Scholarship opportunities to graduate students each year.

Master Beekeeper Certification Committee consultation.

Periodic educational field days.

Annual Conference in Support of WSU with proceeds going directly to support the WSU Bee Research Facility in Othello, WA.

Work with the State Legislature to promote beekeeping and laws that are appropriate

Sponsored SB 6402 to recognize honey bee products and services as an agricultural product among others.

Spearheaded tax exemptions for commercial beekeepers. The exemption provides a business and occupation (Bu0026amp;O) tax and sales/use tax exemption for eligible apiarists.

Coordinate and sponsor events

Sponsor the Washington State Beekeeping Conference in conjunction with local beekeeping associations and WSU.


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