WSBA Patch Journeyman The Journeyman level requires the student to have more knowledge and skills in beekeeping.

It also requires:

  • the applicant to be a member of a local and/or state beekeepers association
  • and a minimum of three years experience
  • field test at the applicant’s apiary
  • Knowledge of colony management, public relations, state and federal laws, honey judging, sanitation, economics
  • obtaining 30 public service points
  • Students are expected to keep a journal for one year to keep track of their beekeeping experiences and observations about bees and beekeeping
  • Students are expected to acquire information from beekeeping books and journals and other sources.
  • If possible, each student must mentor a beginner beekeeper for one year
  • A series of ten exams are required covering each section of the course.

Journeyman testing will be in person, scored by a WSBA experienced beekeeper or other qualified experienced beekeeper.

To apply for testing for Journeyman or for more information about the Journeyman syllabus, contact Bob Combs at or 425-891-2329.

Bob will make sure the Committee member closest to the participant is put in contact with the person interested in the Journeyman test. It is then up to the Committee person to proctor the test. If a suitable coordinator isn’t available in your area a coordinator for online certification will be assigned.