WSBA Patch ApprenticeThe certified Apprentice level requires beekeepers to have a minimum of knowledge and experience of beekeeping. Ten lessons are provided each applicant to the program and the student is tested from the lesson material. The student has the opportunity to take an open book exam following the instruction or they may elect to take the exam without the instruction.

Normally, the apprentice certification is achieved through your local beekeeping association. Check with your local beekeeping organization regarding beginner instruction and certification programs. Your local organization will be able to furnish booklets, provide instruction, and administer certification exams. For those not able to seek certification through a local organization, a correspondence program is also available.

The correspondence program is geared toward to those who live outside of Washington State or who do not live near a WSBA local beekeeper association.

Click here for Application form (PDF)

The cost of the apprentice program is $15 ($10 for the book and $5 for patch). WSBA provides a self addressed and stamped envelope for the test to be returned. To apply for the exam or to purchase the Apprentice booklet, contact James Tunnell at or 360-568-7451.

Testing by correspondence is as follows:

  1. Apprentice tests are mailed after receiving the testing fee and application form.
  2. The assigned Committee member receives the completed tests and grades the results.
  3. If the result is a passing score, then the test result is sent to the participant. An Apprentice Certificate will be awarded and the beekeeper is included in the Master Beekeeper Certification Program database as a Certified Apprentice Beekeeper.
  4. The certificate and patch is sent as indicated on the application form.
  5. If test sections did not receive a passing score, the test section is returned to the participant for re-test and the process is repeated (within reason).