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Washington State Beekeepers Association serves hobbyist and professional Beekeepers in Washington State. Our mission is to help local beekeeping organizations, assist the agricultural community, promote beekeeping and bee products and more.


August 2019 President’s Message

My wife and I began keeping bees 8 years ago and for the first 4 years, we lost nearly every hive over the winter. We worked hard each year to make sure that the bees had the best opportunity to survive winter, but each spring, nearly all of our hives died. Upon examining our dead hives I saw hat we had plenty of honey in the hives and a large cluster of dead bees in a ball somewhere in the hive. It looked like they never moved to food that was … [Read More...]

Spread the Word on How You Can Help Save the Bees!

One of the easiest ways to protect the bees is to pay attention to how we garden. So, to spread the word and work towards creating a better environment for our flying friends, GloryBee has built a quick guide on how the average gardener can help protect the bees. You can find it here: https://glorybee.com/blog/horticultural-hive-mind-a-gardeners-guide-to-protecting-the-bees/  … [Read More...]

2019 WASBA General Membership Meeting

February 9, 2019 4:20 PM, Reading Room, Hargreaves Hall, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA. All WASBA members are invited to attend the annual membership meeting that will take place immediately following the last presentation of the annual conference. In addition to an update from WASBA President Kevin Oldenburg, election of the Board of Directors will take place.Current WASBA members can nominate board members and self-nomination is … [Read More...]

American Foulbrood Disease Survey

My name is Diane Yost and I am in search of apiarists willing to participate in a case study. The deadline to participate is November 2, 2018. As a graduate student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas from 2011-2013, I studied an alternate method of treatment for American Foulbrood disease for my master's thesis.  I am now pursuing further graduate courses at Colorado State University, and am interested in gaining insight from the viewpoint … [Read More...]

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WASBA Board meeting in Ellensburg – October 5th

The June 8th WASBA Board meeting will be held 11 AM to 5PM at the Kittatas Room at the Hal Holmes Center in Ellensburg, WA.  Located at 209 N. Ruby St., Ellensburg, WA.

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2019 Conference Registration

The WASBA yearly beekeeping conference is coming up quickly. Register today at: EventBrite and don’t forget to add the after conference social! The conference is Feb. 9th, 2019 at Eastern Washington University in Cheney, WA.