Keeping the Bee in Business

NEW Education Certification Level: Craftsman

The WASBA Board approved the recommendation from the Education Committee to add a fifth certification level to our education program.  The new certification is called the Craftsman level.  It is offered to students who have successfully completed the WASBA Journeyman requirements and are WASBA members. 

The purpose of the Craftsman level is for students interested in achieving a higher level of experience and knowledge beyond the Journeyman level but without the research requirements of the Master level.  It is also intended to provide documentation of experience appropriate for a resume or job application. This program is not a requirement for entering the Master level.

Over the years we have had beekeepers who wanted to do more to enhance their education but who did not have the ability to access the tools required for the research requirement of the Master level.  Hopefully this provides that option and allows more beekeepers to achieve the recognition their experience and education deserve. There is no class requirement, instead its focus is similar to the Master program in that it is independent study and service. 

There are five requirements to achieve Craftsman certification: have Journeyman certification, be a current WASBA member; have a minimum of 6 years of experience in beekeeping in addition to the 3 years required to obtain Journeyman status (a total of 9 years’ experience); earn 2000 service points as outlined in the course description; and complete a practical research project as described in the course description.

Thank you to the Education Committee members (Pamela Daudet, Sandy Fanara, and Steve Winchell) for their hard work and thoughtful evaluation of what a program like this could look like and for making it happen.