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Keeping the Bee in Business

Organization Membership

Annual Dues

 $1 per member as of 12/31 of the preceding year

Organization Membership provides your club with access to educational materials – including hard copy manuals and power point presentations that can be modified for your location.  These educational materials are updated on a yearly basis to keep everything current with the latest research.  It also includes access to our speakers bureau, a platform of speakers from other clubs who will either visit your club for an in-person presentation or arrange to give a presentation via the web and the past 2 years of Pacific NW Beekeeping Conference Recordings, all which are listed on the Speakers & Presentations page.

Your membership also supports our Legislative arm, where we have an active lobbyist who works on behalf of beekeepers in Washington State.  Our most recent legislative success is the “Beekeepers Liability Bill” that protects beekeepers from liability if someone enters your apiary, gets injured, and sues you.

And lastly, your membership dues help support research grants to scientists in Washington State who are doing research on honey bees.

How to Join

1. Complete the Association Membership Application Form below.

2. Pay your Membership Dues using PayPal within the form, or sending a check