Keeping the Bee in Business

Local Organizations Offering Remote Education Classes

We have some amazing instructors who have stepped forward to bridge the gap for people who are interested in getting started as new beekeepers as well as those who want to continue their WASBA education program by offering remote classes. Special WASBA thanks to the following groups and individuals for taking on the challenge of remote education, opening their courses to students throughout Washington state and, in some cases, the United States, and serving as a connection point for beekeeper education during this challenging time. Some of these links will take you to a Facebook page and others will have a website:


If your local association is not able to offer remote classes at this time, please refer anyone interested in taking a beekeeping class to any of the above contacts. If you know of another organization offering remote WASBA classes who are not on this list, please contact us so we can include them in the listing on our website.