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Dalan Animal Health

Dalan Animal Health

Hello BEEKS, recently I (Alan Woods) had the opportunity to sit and talk with Amy about the company that she works for and what they do. I was very impressed by the science and method behind the vaccine that they created that targets American Foulbrood. But what really impressed me the most is the fact that it could be this kind of technology that is used to defend the honey bees against the varroa mites in the future. Never the less, I want you to hear about this vaccine and the technology behind it for yourself.
Dalan Animal Health is dedicated to finding safe, innovative and sustainable solutions for beekeepers to help protect their bees and businesses. Most recently we’ve been developing a vaccine that targets American foulbrood. The vaccine works through a process called Transgenerational Immune Priming. It is fed orally to the queen via workers and works its way to her ovaries and into the eggs. When the queen lays her eggs the subsequent larvae is immunized. This is a first of its kind treatment, and will be a USDA registered biological product, with the same quality requirements for safety and efficacy as other similar veterinary products. For more information, please visit www.dalan.com.

If you are interested in becoming part of a survey group once the vaccine has been released for use by the USDA, please contact Amy Floyd at 520-247-8193 to discuss details. We anticipate being able to supply product in late summer/early fall of 2022.