Wonders of the Hive

For 2019 BG Bees will be offering “in hive” learning. Each bee club, state and regional forum is filled with information on various aspects of beekeeping. The typical Backyard Beekeeper reads, watches YouTube, and possibly browses other forums. What is screaming to acquire is “hands on” experience through the assistance of highly qualified “bee ICONs”. Each person attending will be exposed to a myriad of “in hive” techniques, norms, and abnorms. What needs fixing, what is normal, issues for future considerations.

Small, intimate, groups will gather around each presenter for maximum exposure.

Registration is limited to forty (40). Don’t miss this opportunity.

Dr. Ramesh Sagili, Associate Professor-Apiculture, Oregon State University. An opportunity to ask your beekeeping questions. Dr. Sagili will discuss recent research.

Dr. Michael Burgett, Professor Emeritus, Oregon State University. General ‘rules’ of the first hive inspection post winter. Knowing what is wrong or right is critical in any hive inspection but most importantly to see a path to success for the coming bee season. How healthy does the colony appear? What to look for? What needs to be done depending on issues discovered?

Dr. Dewey Caron, Emeritus Professor of Entomology & Wildlife Ecology, University of Delaware, & Affiliate Professor, Dept Horticulture, Oregon State University. Identifying a Queen Right hive. What to look for? Laying Worker?

Carolyn Breece, Faculty Research Assistant, Oregon State University. Frame Diagnostics – Knowing the pests and diseases of honey bee colonies is an essential part of beekeeping. Learn how to read frames for evidence of brood diseases, mite infestation, and other issues, and learn techniques to keep your colonies healthy and thriving.

Ellen Topitzhofer, Faculty Research Assistant, Oregon State University. Mites, Mites, Mites! Sampling, treating, efficacy. So much has come to light in just the past year.

DATE:  Sunday, May 19, 2019

TIME: 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM

WHERE: 4565 Riordan Hill Dr., Hood River, OR


COST: $49.00

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