Washington State Beekeepers Association

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Ramblings From the President – April 2021

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Spring is here, and, with it, we begin another year of beekeeping. Despite the pandemic, several clubs have provided new beekeepers with the education that they seek, moving classes to Zoom. Let’s hope that all will be vaccinated by June and that we can move to in-person education classes and meetings.

This is the time of year when beekeepers start to see hive activity, assuming the hive did not die overwinter. As the temperature rises, we are all ready to dig into the hive to see new brood, find the queen and prepare for the nectar flow (at least in Eastern WA, where I live – in Western WA, you are a few weeks ahead). Dead hives remind us that the fight against mites is an ongoing battle, which is why I prefer swarms to packaged bees – swarms are survivor bees and may have better genetics in the varroa destructor war. 

At WASBA, we have turned our attention to the upcoming year. In the legislature, board member Tim Hiatt has been working to curb legislation that would benefit the pesticide industry over beekeepers. He, along with board member Jennifer Short, were among a number of folks who testified against this legislation, which was ultimately pulled from the bill.  Within WASBA, we are working on inviting speakers for our upcoming Jamborbee conference in October. If you have any suggestions for speakers, please let me know.

Finally, I want to remind you about what WASBA does for you. Clubs have been able to use the WASBA Zoom account for meetings and classes. WASBA monitors legislation that affects pollinators, bees and beekeepers. Last year, WASBA donated over $30,000 to bee research at WSU. Don’t forget the speaker list and conference talks from last year that you can access, and, WASBA continues to work to bring first class beekeeping education to people interested in bees.

So, if you haven’t renewed your WASBA membership, please do. We couldn’t do it without you.