Keeping the Bee in Business

President’s Message

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My name is Alan Woods and I am the new President of WASBA. First, I would like to give thanks and honor to God, for without Him none of this would be possible. And then I would like to thank everyone on the board for having faith in my ability to do this job. I would also like to give a special thanks to Kevin Oldenburg for leaving WASBA in such good shape. Because of the state of this organization, I can now focus my attention in other areas that will only make WASBA better.

As President of WASBA, it is both the boards and my goal to maintain the current state of this organization while exploring other options to build on this success. My first priority is to the beekeeper that has tried year after year but can’t seem to get their hive through the winter. For them, I plan on empowering the local associations by training more Master beekeepers that will provide the much-needed education in their clubs. Currently there is a group of Master Beekeepers in cooperation with WSU, revamping the Journeyman certification program that will provide them additional knowledge as they move to the Master beekeeper level. While it is not stated enough, the Master beekeepers are a vital part of any organization and will also play an important part in WASBA. This effort of expanding our Master Beekeepers will allow all beekeepers to benefit from this shared knowledge.  I believe increasing the number and knowledge of our Master beekeepers is the key to moving to the next level.

While this effort may not be noticed immediately, please understand that it is currently in the works. However, in order for us to be successful, WASBA will need the support of the local clubs, Master Beekeepers, and beekeepers in Washington. I ask you and your clubs to join us in this endeavor of becoming State of successful beekeepers by becoming a member of WASBA

Thank you and God Bless
In HIS Mighty Grip

Alan Woods,
WASBA President