Public Service Points

Public Service Points:

Public service points are a key element of the Journeyman beekeeper program. A total of 35 points must be earned as one part of the requirements for applying for Journeyman certification. Points may be acquired by:

Service Categories

A. Giving presentations about beekeeping or related topics to:

a. non-beekeeping group (including school group).

b. beekeeping group.

B. Teaching WASBA approve course for beginning beekeepers.

C. Publishing an article on beekeeping or related topic in a journal, newsletter, or other publication.

D. Serving as an officer/director/trustee/regional representative of:

a. local beekeeping organization.

b. Washington State Beekeeping Association.

E. Mentoring a beginning beekeeper.

F. Assisting a youth group (4-H, FFA, etc.) with a beekeeping project.

G. Working at beekeeping exhibits open to the public.

H. Judging honey or other bee products at a fair or other local competition.

I. Performing a special program or activity approved by WASBA.

The following general rules apply:

  1. A maximum of 50% of accumulated units may be obtained in one category. Inmates of state correctional institutions can accumulate 75% of the points from one category.
  2. Categories A and B: 1-unit equals 1 hour, with a maximum of 3 units per presentation.
  3. Five units for an article published in a national magazine; or publishing a state or local association newsletter for one year; 2 units for an article published in a local or state newsletter as specified in Category C.
  4. 15 units for serving as an elected officer for one year, and 5 units for serving as a trustee/executive board member for one year as specified in Category D.
  1. 1-unit equals 2 hours with a maximum of 3 units per recipient in Categories E and F.
  1. 1-unit equals 2 hours in Category G.
  2. 1-unit equals 1 hour in Category H.
  3. The number of units in Category I will be predetermined by WASBA based on the nature of the activity.