Master Beekeeper

The Master level program is for the committed beekeeper who wants to be involved in independent study on beekeeping related topics with the intent of not only furthering their own knowledge but also expanding the information currently available on honey bees and beekeeping.

Requirements for attaining the Master Beekeeper Level:

  1. Achieve Journeyman status.
  2. Member of WASBA
  3. Member of a local association.
  4. Either engage in a pre-approved research project following the guidelines of the Master Syllabus, or satisfactorily complete an accredited university level Master beekeeping program.
  5. Submit required documentation on Progress Form.

Upon satisfactory completion of the WASBA Master Beekeeper course and submission of the completed Progress Form, the student will receive a certificate of completion and a patch acknowledging WASBA Master Beekeeper status.