Education Program


  • To help those interested in beekeeping determine whether it is an activity that they should pursue in terms of time, effort and cost;
  • To increase the knowledge of beekeepers about honey bees;
  • To develop a pool of people capable of dealing with the media and public on bees and beekeeping;
  • To provide an objective system for an individual to evaluate and measure their own level of expertise; and
  • To encourage membership in and support of both WASBA and local beekeeper associations.

Program curriculum

Certification Fees

WASBA charges a small fee for certification that goes toward the costs of administering the program as well as funding activities that promote the overall interests of beekeepers in Washington.

Effective August 1, 2019 costs for courses are increased to the following:

Beginning: $25 for class including manual, certificate, membership.  $20 for the class, membership, and certificate.

Apprentice:  $35 for class including manual, certificate, membership and patch. $25 for class, membership, certificate and patch.

Journeyman:  $50  for class including manual, certificate, membership and patch; and $35 for class, membership, certificate and patch.

Master:  $50 upon successfully completing a pre-approved research-oriented program.  The other option is to successfully complete the University of Montana, Master Level Beekeeping Course.  WASBA is offering reciprocal recognition to successful students of that program granting a Master Beekeeper certificate and patch upon payment of $20 to WASBA.

WASBA has an agreement with the Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) and the Oregon State Department of Corrections that the certification fee for incarcerated individuals is set at $5 per level.

The above fees are in addition to any fees charged for instruction by local associations or instructors.

Candidates for Journeyman and Master level programs are also required to be members of WASBA.

For Instructors