WSU Research Grants Approved

WSU logoEach year WSU graduate students request the support of the Washington State Beekeepers Association to further basic honey bee research at WSU Entomology Department. Many times, the research WSU completed had a positive impact on commercial and small scale beekeepers ability to manage honey bees. This year three students received $7,500 in funding;

Brandon K. Hopkins – PhD student and Research Manager

Treating Varroa Mites in Packages and Resulting Colony Effect over a Full Season

Funds requested to help offset the costs associated with the purchase of package bees, oxalic acid and HopGuard treatments, sticky boards, and laboratory processing of alcohol samples…$3,000.

Megan A. Taylor, M.Sc., Ph.D. Student

Old World Honey Bee Populations: A Genetic Resource for U.S. Honey Bee Breeding

Funds requested for the cost of lab supplies such as primers for microsatellite analysis, lab consumables, and microsatellite analysis fees…$2,500.

Jason A. Long, M.S. Student

Controlled Atmosphere Overwintering of Honey Bees

Funds requested to assist in covering the cost of travel expenses to collect data…$2,000.

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