WSBA Well represented at Olympia

Mark EmrichW.S.B.A. was well represented in Olympia on February 4th. Sue Olson, Franclyn Heinecke, Charles Bennett, and myself all gave testimony on House Bill #hb 1558. Sue took the lead with her testimony on how this tax would impact her company, that with all the other problems we face in beekeeping at this time that it would be of great help to beekeepers not to be burdened by more taxation. We all echoed her sentiment.

For those who have not kept up on this bill, it extends the tax exemption of the B&O tax from this June to June 2016. I ask that all of the associates contact their local State Representatives in support of the bill. We need the Representatives to know that beekeepers are here, they vote, and they do care.

Thank you for your support.

Mark Emrich

Pres. W.S.B.A.

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