WSBA Board Meeting minutes – February 22, 2014

Rodeo City BBQ

Rodeo City BBQ

For those who missed the excellent board meeting complete with delicious food from Rodeo BBQ here are the meeting minutes for both Master Beekeepers and the general meeting.





Washington State Beekeepers Association

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

February 22, 2014

 Meeting called to order at12:20pm by Mark Emrich

 Call to order, and opening remarks.

Mark covered the Greys harbor insecticide-spraying project. This concerns the use of Imocloprid via aerial spraying on eel grass beds vs. past materials. Also, Mark is in contact with a local association in Greys harbor that would like to become WSBA members.

There is a work shop sponsored by the Washington State Corporations and Charities Division on Nonprofit Board Governance 101 (registration and renewal requirements) to be held March 13 from 9am to 3pm at the Tacoma Rhodes Center. More information will be posted on the WSBA website.

1. Secretary’s Report- approval of published minutes.

Minutes corrections: Oct 3, 2013 Board meeting minutes – Section 5 Area Representative Reports: area one is Bob Combs not Bob Smith, New Business, Section 5 should read: WSBA has requested from the DNR for map services, not the other way around. Charles Bennett moved to approve the report, seconded by Jerry Tate, approved as corrected by all, passed.

2. Treasurer’s Report-approval of report.

Brian is still working through getting the bank account set up. Will add an asset section to the financial report. The conference and grants to WSU created a negative balance for 2013.

Jerry Tate moved to approve the report, seconded by Charles Bennett, approved by all, passed.

3. Membership Report: there was no membership report.

4. Area Reports

Area 1: Bob Combs: Attended the New Mexico WAS conference. No other local activities as it is winter.

Area 6: Bob Arnold: Bee classes are starting and most likely attendance will be over 180. Herbicide spraying by noxious weed boards is still is a large problem in the county. Bee forage is still lacking in eastern Washington, maybe this is can be taken up by the state association to preserve bee forage on public lands. Beekeepers should be on the local weed control boards.

Area 2: Charles Bennett: the Clark County bee equip swap meet was very successful, 11 in journeyman program this year.

Dean Johnny (J&J Solutions Foundation) have started a bee education project, this year will be expanding the program. Looking to join WSBA to take his program to the next level. Willapa Bay Beekeepers as a local resource.

5. WSU Report – none, no WSU person attending.

6. Master Beekeepers Cert Comm. – See MB minutes.

7. WSBA Honey Queen Report. Kris not here so Mark filled in: requesting a budget of $1200/year to draw from to cover travel & incidentals such as tiara and sash. To be reimbursed as needed through the treasurer. Individual organizations would provide other dollar support. Charles Bennett moved to approve the request, seconded by Jerry Tate, approved by all, passed.

8. Legislative report: Tim Hiach is getting good support, in general, from the legislators on beekeeper issues. This year’s needs are more straight forward to get passed as most are tied to the budget. Next year will require more effort as issues immerge.


Old Business:

1. Microscope request (held over from Oct meeting) from West Sound Beekeepers, C. Bennett moved to grant $1000, died for lack of second. Motion by Cyndi Smith $1726 for a microscope. Second by Bob Combs, discussion & amended by Bob Arnold to fund only half of the actual cost with a cap of $1726. All in favor, passed

2. WSBA web store: Ana Alvarez volunteered to be the store manager. Paul will work with Ana to make the web store active and then transferred the existing product stock after the meeting.

3. Board policies (job descriptions) Mark is still working on the descriptions.

4. Honey Standard: WSDA will not support a state standard without a federal standard. This item is tabled.


New Business:

1. SSHB6402 (house bill) Tim Hiatt: 6402 is pending (beekeepers are ag), sitting in rules committee, Tim requested members contact members of the rules committee to get this out of the rules committee and pass on to the senate floor to a vote.

5696 Limited liability rule, proposed by urban beekeeper on the west side to limit liability of beekeepers. Died in committee. There was much discussion and the final recommendation of the board was to discontinue support of the bill as currently written, tabled. As part of the discussion around limiting beekeeper liability, Fran Bach suggested we consider the BC Beekeepers liability insurance program. Paul Lundy will do the groundwork on WSBA insurance for members by contacting the BC Beekeeper’s insurance carrier. Mark will then take the information and formulate recommendations to the board.

Tim reported on the beekeeper work group tasked with identifying the needs of state beekeepers who are commercial operators and pollinate: the main issues to date are bee forage on the east side of the state (public land availability), pesticide use restrictions, noxious weed control, out of state beekeepers competing for local forage that are not registered.

WOWWE New program for meetings: Electronic automated system, for information transfer; video seminars, video conference, training, etc. Cost is $300 initially ($150 this month), plus $25/month. Charles Bennett moved to approve the request, seconded by Bob Combs, discussion on details of the service by Mark Emrich. All in favor, passed.

2. Purchase of computer and finance software for Treasure: Brian Johnson proposed the purchase of a laptop and software that would eventually transfer to a new (future) treasurer making the transfer of information much more effective. Total estimated cost $800. Charles Bennett moved to approve the request, seconded by Cyndi Smith, all in favor, passed.

3. Presidents meetings: Mark proposes regular President’s meetings. Mark will set up information to help local associations run better organizations.

4. Education meetings: Same for Master Beekeepers.

6. Meeting venues

Need locations to meet on both the west and east of the state.

5. Vacancies

Ways and Means Committee Chair

Grant writer for beekeeping support, scientific studies

6. Ongoing education (in place of a conference)

Speakers bureau for the state

One day events to suggest

Oregon State conference this year

WAS is in Missoula, Montana this year


Other new business:

Jim Smith announced he is the Washington state WAS rep. Jim gathers information for WAS from Washington; what works, what doesn’t, updates back to WAS.

Meeting adjourned moved by Charles Bennett, second by Bob Combs, all in favor, passed, meeting adjourned at 2:33pm


Master Beekeeper Committee Meeting

February 22, 2014

Meeting called to order by Bob Combs at 10:30am

Present: B. Combs, M. Emrich, P. Lundy, J. Tate, B. Arnold, J. Smith, C. Smith, F. Bach, B. Johnson, C. Bennett, A. Alvarez, A. Alvarez, E. Kelly, D. White, P. Sickler.


Old business:

A) Books: Brian Johnson, treasurer, clarified how WSBA recognizes the books as an asset. It is agreed that Jim Tunnell, who procures and distributes the education materials, takes the book order, informs the treasurer the requestor contact information, quantity and dollar value. The treasurer emails back an invoice (for the requestor) to Jim to include in the package. The person who receives the books then pays against the invoice. It was also agreed that at the user’s request; to add instructor books for zero cost, which will also be reflected separately on the invoice.

B) Journeyman/Master program: To assist the Master candidates to enable them to remain active, the Committee will create a quarterly or semi-annual deadline for master level submissions, and then publish the schedule for the Master level candidates.


New business:

A) Available positions that need to be filled (or were filled at the meeting) are;

Instructor coordination (Ari Alvarez volunteered to take this on)

Master Level Certification Coordinator (Ari Alvarez volunteered to take this on)

Master Program and Materials (open)

B) Apprentice Program and Materials: Bob will send a reminder to direct any test questions or other updates to Ken Reid to include in the latest update.

C) Certification program vs. Education program: There was good and well rounded discussion whether the Committee should continue as a certification entity or branch into developing a broader array of education materials and curriculum. It was ultimately decided to stay with a robust certification program and leave education development at the local level.

D) Accreditation of Instructors: While the Committee strongly agrees that the Journeyman level is the optimum level to provide consistency of experience to the education process, the Committee approved that it could be a broad mix of persons with various levels of experience that could teach. Ultimately it was agreed to leave the decision as who could teach at the local level.

E) Class pricing: Again, there was much discussion on whether the Committee should set limits or other restrictions on how much individuals could charge for education programs using the WSBA materials and information. It was decided that each entity that uses the WSBA materials may charge whatever they feel is right for the level of training and education provided as long as the WSBA fee and materials provided is fully disclosed as part of the program. For example; if the class is $50 the participant would know up front that $15 of that class fee is for the booklet, patch and certificate.

F) Outside of Washington State Program adopters: Bob Combs presented the possibility of other states adopting the WSBA program for their own use. The committee agreed this was a good strategy. The Committee authorized Bob to create a use agreement along with a flat fee price set at $500/year. Details to follow as Bob develops the program.

G. On-line testing: The Committee approved the development of on-line testing for the Apprentice level program. This may be expanded to other levels if successful.

H) Instructor education: Paul, with input from the Committee, will create a web resource for WSBA instructors. Bob will send a communication to all instructors about the local association grant program to encourage them to apply for education materials. For example, the Brushy Mountain teaching hive ) was brought up as a great teaching tool.

I) Website: Paul will create a page with teaching resources specifically for beekeeping (see above). Paul will update the Master beekeeper page with committee member email addresses. Paul will create a list that shows the responsibilities of each position and who is the contact.

J) Possible 4th level between Apprentice and Journeyman: This got quite a bit of discussion but with no solid conclusion. It is possible the new level could be something that bridges a gap recognizing experience gained in the second year yet not yet at the Journeyman level. It was recommended that it be brought up at future meetings to explore further.

Meeting adjourned at 12 noon.

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