WSBA Board meeting – Ellensburg

Rodeo City BBQ

Rodeo City BBQ

Bee sure to attend! The next Washington State Beekeeper’s Board meeting is February 22, 2014 at 10:30AM, located at the scrumptiously delicious Rodeo City BBQ 204 N. Main St. Ellensburg, WA.

Meeting is open to all.

Details here:

Washington State Beekeepers Association

Executive Board Meeting

Agenda February 22, 2014


1. Committee meetings


Call to order, and opening remarks

1. Secretary’s Report- approval of published minutes

2. Treasurer’s Report-approval of report

3. Membership Report

4. Area Reports

5. WSU Report

6. Master Beekeepers Cert Comm.

7. WSBA Honey Queen Report

8. Legislative report

Old Business:

1. Micoscope request (held over from Oct meeting)

2. WSBA web store

3. Board policies (job descriptions)

4. Honey Standard

New Business:

1. SSHB6402 (house bill)

2. WOWWE New program for meetings

3. Purchase of computer and SW for Treasurer

4. Presidents meetings

5. Education meetings

6. Meeting venues

7. Vacancies

8. Ongoing education (in place of a conference)


  1. We are hoping to attend tomorrows meeting in Ellensburg, but with weather being a challenge I may need to wave on side of caution.
    We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization who has a bee education program. We have a simple process. We harvest bee swams and place them at preapproved private landowners property. We then have a middle/high school student assigned to work with land owner and a J&J Representative throughout the year, while bee swam transforms into a bee hive. Student and land owner are required to conduct research on bee environment and then share with counter part. At the end of the year, the private land owner gets to keep the bees and donated bee boxes. Any harvestable honey is split between student and land owner. It is our goal to strengthen life skills while educating communities on bee environment.

    We are targeted to receive 20 bee swams this year and have almost completed our 20 preapproved land owner sites.
    I was hoping to attend so we can listen to learn and register our organization with your group. If we do not make the trip tomorrow I am requesting a meeting with someone so we can learn and inquire how we can enhance our volunteer pool’s skill level
    to learm more about us, please go to our webpage ( or follow us on face book, starting this year, participant in Bee Education Program will post regularly on our face book site. .

    Any guidance to helping youth, private landowners, and our volunteers will be welcomed.

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