Washington State Honey Bee Work Group – Final Report

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Good news: The Washington State Honey Bee Work Group report is official! It has been sent to the State legislature for action.

Here it is for your reading pleasure: FINAL Honey Bee Wk Group Report


  1. John Meier says:

    Please send me an application so I can rejoin your organization as my printer has not worked in 3 years.


    Spring Valley Honey
    PO Box 97208
    Lakewood, WA 98497

  2. larry weinberg says:

    read article in Capital Press issue for 1/9/15. Very true bees need forage. Getting farmers to cover crop for seed and forage is a good thing. I am 60 and have working outside at a paid job since age 14. Came out to PNW in 75. Planted trees for 12 seasons and have been working habitat projects since 86 mainly snag creation by topping trees to create varying age classed of snags. My point trees that hollow trees is the habitat honey bees are looking for. Hollow trees seem to get left out of discussion. Folks used to live in huge hollow oak stumps in Ohio. Hollow WRC trees in PNW. Native white ash here in NW is a good riparian tree that hollows. Save some larger trees that hollow. Scarring doug fir in healthy stands can create a hollow in 10-20 years. Hanging boxes etc. I get to see some nice ferrel colonies in fir and cedar trees. Creating legacy trees needs to happen more.

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