STOLEN BEES from Utah-based beekeeper Darren Cox

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From the Modesto Bee

A $10,000 reward has been offered in the theft of about 80 bee colonies from an almond farm northeast of Waterford, CA, with a value of about $16,000. Grower Gil Silbernagel said entire pallets of bee boxes were taken in mid-February after having been delivered by Utah-based beekeeper Darren Cox. Other growers and beekeepers have been asked to be on the lookout for people trying to sell the stolen hives, all of which are branded on boxes, lids and pallets, and at least 80% of the frames with COX or CVH or D COX. People with information that could lead to an arrest can call (209) 552-2468or (435) 232-9429.

An interesting twist to this is that although the responsibility and liability for the colonies was accepted by the grower in the pollination contract, the insurance company is refusing to pay the beekeeper for the loss, and, in fact, will defend the grower in court if the beekeeper chooses to pursue the case.


  1. Dear Mr. Cox
    I live on .27 acres and have seen only two bees in the last fives years. I have many fruit trees and plants that have pollen. I have never used pesticides and have lived at this location for 15 yrs. How can I get the bees back? I have loved them since I was a child and I miss them.
    Sincerely, Robin Scheuer

    • Jaime Wiley says:

      Robin, I realize your comment was from a long time ago and I’m hoping you found your answer. I’m Darren’s daughter and stumbled across this while looking for another article. I asked hours your question and he apologized that he never saw this comment (he’s still fairly new to the Internet) and told me to tell you that there are many pollinator plant/seed mixes that you can plant on your property to attract the bees. These can be purchased online or in most garden stores. Best wishes!

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