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Dear Fellow Members,

This has been a wild past 2 days. First, the Thurston County Commissioners has sent a letter to the Washington State Dept of Agriculture. A copy of the letter is available on the web site to view here: Thurston-county-acts-to-protect-honey-bees.

In short it (if acted on by the W.S.D.A.) will pull neo-nics off the shelves of all stores in Thurston County. As far as I know this has never been done in the name of preserving pollinators anywhere in the U.S. I would urge you all to push your own county to follow suite. It was my understanding that W.S.D.A. can’t act on their own, but can act on the request of the County. Here is a link to petition: the use of Honey Bee deadly pesticides.

Mark Emrich, President WSBA

Mark Emrich, President WSBA

I am not under the grand allusion that this will solve all our problems with our bees, but with all of the science that has come out in the past year, It is hard to say that there will be no impact. This will help beekeeping.

Next is todays news. As you are all aware, W.S.B.A. has been spending a great deal of time in Olympia this year. We have been working on 4 different bills. 2 Bills dealing with liability have been hung up in committee, but may be acted on later. The second bills SB5453, and HB1588 were combined and were voted to be NTIB. This means that the bills are Necessary to implement the budget. As of today 4/9/13 was the last day to vote on bills, this bill can go forward to be voted on latter this session. So the bills are not dead as of this date.

This has been a long run, and it is not over yet. I will update the web site as more info becomes available. If you have not taken the time to contact you Senator, or Representative yet on this bill, do it now! We need to push hard.

As always, thank you for helping W.S.B.A. make a difference for Honey bees in Washington State.


Mark Emrich

Pres. W.S.B.A.


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