For Instructors

So, as you all are probably aware there have been some recent changes to the master beekeepers program. Without a master list of instructors, it’s difficult to get this information out to everyone. You can find the details listed out on page 10 in the July newsletter (July Newsletter). In general, if you like what you’ve been doing you can continue on that way with very few changes. I’ll go ahead and summarize here for sake of clarity.

  1. Program entry fee is now one-time and $20. Instead of paying for each level, it’s a one-time fee of $20. You can progress on in the program from there w/o any more payments.
  2. We have de-coupled the program entry fee from the booklets. Instructors can print booklets out themselves, or point students to the download point (Apprentice Booklet). This also lets us update the booklet more frequently w/o obsoleting an existing stock of printed copies.
  3. All instructors must be associated with a local Association. Certificates will only be mailed to Association contacts.