Master Beekeeper

The Master level requires:WSBA Patch Master

You may contact your local Beekeeping Association for a Master Syllabus or contact Louis Matej at or 253 921-5612.

Master Beekeeper Submissions

Four Master Level Certification papers are required for completion of Master level. Below are the most recent papers and oral presentations submitted to the Committee.

Morris Ostrofsky: Graft Free Queen RearingManaging honey bee populations for greater honey productionGlass Jar BeekeepingKnow Nucs Oral Presentation Morris Ostrofsky

Franclyn Heinecke: Sticking with PropolisForage for Honey Bees Franclyn HeineckeWhy honeybees need weeds

Louis Matej: Genetic Control of Colony TraitsPollen and Pollination, Judging-Honey-Bee-ProductsHoney Composition, Sources and Marketable Forms