Master Beekeepers Program


  • To increase the knowledge of beekeepers about honey bees,
  • Develop a pool of people capable of dealing with the media and public on bees and beekeeping,
  • To provide an objective system for an individual to evaluate and measure his own level of expertise, and
  • To encourage membership in and support of local beekeeper associations.

Program curriculum

Additional general information

Many of the course lessons can be provided in conjunction with local or state beekeeper association meetings to enhance the learning opportunities of the student. In counties where active beekeeper associations do not exist a MBC member may travel to a specific location to present the material, or it may be given by the local Cooperative Extension agent.

A certificate and a patch will be presented to each student upon completion of each level.

Current events

Reviewing and revising the Appentice Test to reflect the current knowledge of beekeeping.

Who we are

Committee membership:


Certification (Louis Matej – West, Ari Alvarez – East) – Records completion of certifications and issue written certificates and patches.

Instructor Coordination (Louis Matej) – Maintains list of current instructors, and keeps track of who is teaching what where.

Apprentice Program and Materials (Ken Reid) – Coordinates revisions of all materials related to the Apprentice program.

Journeyman Program and Materials (Bob Combs ) – Coordinates revisions of all materials related to the Journeyman program.

Master Certification Coordinator (Ari Alvarez) – Coordinates assignment of master candidates to master coordinatosr. Answer questions and oversee the approval process for special projects.

Master Program and Materials (Louis Matej) – Coordinates revisions of all materials related to the Journeyman program.

Outside Adopters (Bob Combs) – Coordinates with other organizations wishing to adopt the Washington State Master Beekeeper program as a whole or by part.

Resource links

Application form (PDF)
Public Service Points
Field Tests