Master Beekeeper Committee Update

WSBA Patch MasterIt is with great sadness, and reluctance that I accept the resignation of Louis Matej as co-chair of the Master Beekeeper Committee affective December 1 2013. We have had several conversations about his retirement as committee chair in the past few months, and he has hung in at my request to help get my feet under me. His help with getting me up to speed has been invaluable, but his feeling that the job has become too much, and should be handled by a “younger” member is a point of his.

The many years that Louis has been committee chair, and the quality of the work of the committee is staggering. We have WSBA sponsored instructors teaching in other states, have two other states pending approval, and a request from Puerto Rico to use our curriculum as well. With more than 3,000 grads of the apprentice program, I would call this more than just a large task to administer.

My profound thanks to Louis for all his hard work, and look forward to working with him as a general member of the Master Beekeeper Committee.

Now for some great news. Mr. Bob Combs who has been the co-chair of the Master Beekeeper Committee will now take over as the chair. We have had some conversations before, and after his acceptance of the position make me feel that he knows the depth of the job, and is up for the challenge.

I would ask the members of the Master Beekeeper Committee to contact Bob, and let Bob know how they can help.

My thanks to Bob for taking this very important position for the state. To Louis, thank you for all your years of stellar service to the beekeepers of Washington State.


Mark Emrich


Washington State Beekeepers Association


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