March Newsletter correction

Honeyford photoIn this Month’s print newsletter the legislative photo was mis-credited.

The caption should read “(Left to right):  Mark Emrich, Pres. WSBA; John Timmons, Eric Olson, Senator Jim Honeyford, Alisa Shorey, and Tim Hiatt.

The folks were in Olympia at the Legislature to give testimony on Senate Bill 5696 regarding beekeeper civil liability and SB 5453 that would expire the tax exemption for beekeepers purchase of sugar for feeding bees on July 1, 2016. Alisa accidentally was named Franclyn Heinecke. Franclyn is also deeply involved in these Legislative efforts though she is not in the photo.


  1. Robert Niles says:

    I suggest that everyone contact Senators Litzow and Mullet AND your senators and get them to support Senate Bill 5696 with the 5696-S AMS LITZ S2041.1 amendment before this bill is forgotten. Small time beekeepers especially need the support of this bill.

  2. Robert Niles says:

    Unfortunately it’s too late. SB5696 has died this session.

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