Swarm Control

Bee swarm in a tree photo

Think you may have a bee swarm!

  • Bee swarms are not aggressive. If you find a swarm of honeybees on or near your property, don’t worry!
  • Bees are valuable! Please don’t use insecticide or call an exterminator.
  • Check out our resources below. Local beekeepers are usually happy to help you remove the swarm.

Not sure that it’s a honeybee swarm?

Honeybee swarms are easy to identify. For one, there won’t be a hive of any type, just a large mass of bees clinging to an object. Also, a honeybee is different from a wasp and yellowjacket as identified by the pictures here:

Honeybee Wasp Yellowjacket comparison

Check out these resources in your area:

WSBA Area Map of Washington State

Area 1a

Area 1b

Area 2

Area 3

Area 4

  • North Central Washington Beekeepers Association

Area 6