Local Beekeeping Organizations

WSBA Officers, Executive Committee and Members At Large

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Area 1a

Mt. Baker Beekeepers

MeetingsMeetings are held the third Wednesday of each month, (except for July), 7 PM at Gateway Centre Executive Suites, 1313 E. Maple Street in Bellingham.
PresidentGary Clueit360-393-4962president@mtbakerbeekeepers.org
Vice PresidentEvan Jones
SecretaryJanet Wilson
TreasurerJo Miller360-733-7764s.jo.miller@gmail.com
Beekeeper InstructorJo Miller360-733-7764s.jo.miller@gmail.com
Newsletter EditorMaggie Grantham beebits@mtbakerbeekeepers.org
Last update:January 25, 2016

Northwest District Beekeepers

MeetingsMeetings are on the 2nd tuesday of each month with a beginners hour starting at 6pm and the main meeting starting at 7pm. Meetings are held at 1305 Pine Avenue in Snohomish in the Christ the King Lutheran Church building.
PresidentMark Salserpresident@nwdba.fatcow.com
Vice PresidentMike Kossianvice_president@nwdba.fatcow.com
SecretaryLori McConnell secretary@nwdba.fatcow.com
TreasurerMary Rider treasurer@nwdba.fatcow.com
Newsletter EditorDebbie Adenewsletter@nwdba.fatcow.com
Last updated:December 7, 2015

Skagit Valley Beekeepers

MeetingsMeetings every second Thursday at 7:00PM at CENEX Skagit Farmer's Supply at 1833 Park Lane Burlington, WA 98233. Visit us on Facebook.
Websiteskagitvalleybeekeepers.org Visit us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/skagitvalleybeekeepers
PresidentSeth Smith360-770-0481seth_smith@live.com
Vice PresidentBill Markus360-630-5086 or 360-661-0452BillM@Skagitfarmers.com
SecretaryChuck Howell360-941-6636chowell951@yahoo.com
TreasurerScott Rhodes360-856-2652scottrhodes@wavecable.com
Newsletter EditorRobert Niles360-499-6545robert@yakima.net
Beekeeper InstructorBill Markus360-630-5086 or 360-661-0452BillM@Skagitfarmers.com
WebmasterBrad Raspet360-708-9424brad.raspet@gmail.com
Last updated:February 4, 2015

Stanwood-Camano Island Beekeepers

MeetingsMeets the 2nd Wednesday of each month. 7 PM at the Stanwood Library
PresidentArt PetersonBlue608@aol.com
Vice PresidentVacant
TreasurerDavid Greenleaf360-913-2786
Beekeeper InstructorRon Babcockhoneyman007@aol.com
Late updated:March 15, 2015

Whidbey Island Beekeepers Association

MeetingsWhidbees meets the first Wednesday of the month at the Freeland Library, 7:00 pm.
PresidentTodd Peterson360-579-1725toddpeterson3@gmail.com
Vice PresidentRalph Fuske360-222-3516craigfuske@whidbey.com
SecretaryZiva Naphtali360-531-0647demetria966@yahoo.com
TreasurerJody Brink360-544-8099jodybrink@gmail.com
Last updated:February 14, 2016

Area 1b

East Jefferson Beekeepers Association

MeetingsMeets on the second Saturday of the month at the Jefferson County Library in Port Hadlock; 620 Cedar Avenue, Port Hadlock, WA 98339.
PresidentTony Goldenbergbanjofiddle@gmail.com
Vice PresidentDiane Ginther
SecretaryDavid Morris
TreasurerHarold Prather360-465-4008haroldp5@yahoo.com
Beekeeper InstructorHarold Prather360-465-4008haroldp5@yahoo.com
WebmasterMike Edwards360-379-0432carapace@mindspring.com
Last updated:May 10, 2015

North Olympic Peninsula Beekeepers

MeetingsMeets the second Sunday of each month at 1 p.m. at the Port Angeles Library, 2210 South Peabody Street
Port Angeles, WA 98362.
PresidentMeg DepewSequimBeeFarm@gmail.com
Vice PresidentTyrone Beattymajikmusikman37@hotmail.com
SecretaryKirsten Whitworthkwhitworth@wavecable.com
TreasurerChris Beattyc2beatty@gmail.com
LibrariansMarilyn and Richard Parks
Newsletter EditorWalt Wielbickiwaltw@q.com
Education and Beekeeper TrusteeMark Urnes360-477-7934urnes@msn.com
Ad Hoc Committee TrusteeHeather
Last updated:November 14, 2015

Puget Sound Beekeepers Association

MeetingsMeets at 6:30 PM every fourth Tuesday of each month except July and
December at the Washington Park Arboretum 2200 Arboretum Drive East,
PresidentMark Hohn253-332-3736president@pugetsoundbees.org
Vice PresidentGerardo Dilillo425-706-6342vp@pugetsoundbees.org
SecretaryMaureen Sullivan206-715-7799secretary@pugetsoundbees.org
TreasurerBruce Becker206-527-0226treasurer@pugetsoundbees.org
Newsletter EditorGerardo Dilillo425-706-6342editor@pugetsoundbees.org
Beekeeper InstructorKrista Conner206-938-5158ex-officio-president@pugetsoundbees.org
Last updated:February 4, 2015

Snoqualmie Valley Beekeepers Association

MeetingsMeetings are 7:00-9:00 pm on the first Tuesday of each month at Meadowbrook
Interpretive Center
PresidentCharles E. Schaffer winterwood.gold@comcast.net
Vice PresidentMike Skripek mike@blacknugget.com
SecretaryRoger Ledbetterlisaandroger@comcast.net
TreasurerSusan Willtreasurer@snoqualmievalleybeekeepers.com
MembershipAndy Matelichandymatelich@hotmail.com
WebmasterDavid Springgay thedqs@gmail.com
Beekeeper InstructorBob Combs bob@combshouse.com
Last updated:February 1, 2016

West Sound Beekeepers

MeetingsMeets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM at Stedman's Bee Supplies located at 3763 NW Anderson Hill Road, Silverdale, WA.
PresidentFrank Wilson360-731-1801president@westsoundbees.org
Vice PresidentJean Ball 360-301-4415 vp@westsoundbees.org
SecretaryJohn Mohn240-427-7596secretary@westsoundbees.org
TreasurerTJ Jorgensen206-851-4706treasurer@westsoundbees.org
Newsletter EditorBianca Estes941-726-5396newsletter@westsoundbees.org
Last updated:December 7, 2015

Area 2

Clark County Beekeepers

MeetingsSecond Thursday of each month at 7PM in the CASEE Center in Brush Prairie WA
PresidentAnton Check360-907-3264aecheck@yahoo.com
Vice PresidentDavid Gray360-241-4381taperdave2000@yahoo.com
SecretaryBrenda Calvert360-514-9223halfmoonfarm@hotmail.com
TreasurerDena Thorpdeesgifts@hotmail.com
Beekeeper Instructor
Last updated:January 19, 2015

Cowlitz County Beekeepers

MeetingsMeets every third Thursday of the month at 7PM, at the Three Rivers Bible Church, 102 Harris Street in Kelso, WA
PresidentDouglas Penning360-414-126338beespace@gmail.com
SecretarySharon (Ruth) Herren360-425-8423ladyruth59@gmail.com
TreasurerBarbara Skreen360-423-0055baskreen@yahoo.com
Newsletter EditorDouglas Penning360-414-1263
Contact person at largeRoy Schafsma360-274-9616
Beekeeper InstructorDouglas Penning
Last updated:September 13, 2015

Lewis County Beekeepers

MeetingsMeetings are 2nd Thursdays, 7 p.m., Centralia College, Washington Hall, room 103, 701 W. Walnut St., Centralia, except for July and December, which are special events.
PresidentKevin Reichert360-269-6337magg1@comcast.net
Vice PresidentBob HarrisRobert@RoseOfSharonFarm.com
SecretarySusanne Weil360-880-8130susanne.beekeeper@gmail.com
TreasurerRick Battinrick.battin@gmail.com
Newsletter EditorSusanne Weil
Beekeeper InstructorSusanne Weil
Last updated:January 1, 2016

Pierce County Beekeepers

MeetingsMeetings are held on the first Monday of the month at 7:30 PM at the Almendinger Building, WSU Extension Center, 7612 Pioneer Way East, Puyallup, WA.
PresidentFranclyn Heineckepresident@pcbeekeepers.org
Vice PresidentAlisa Shoreyvp@pcbeekeepers.org
SecretaryScott Larsonsecretary@pcbeekeepers.org
TreasurerMichael DeAngelotreasurer@pcbeekeepers.org
Newsletter EditorGinger Carternewsletter@pcbeekeepers.org
Web MasterBecky Sundstromwebmaster@pcbeekeepers.org
Education ChairLarry Goldeneducation@pcbeekeepers.org
Last updated:May 24, 2015

Olympia Beekeepers Association

MeetingsMeetings are on the second Monday of each month, except July and August, at the Chinook Middle School, 4301 6th Ave. NE Lacey. 6:00 p.m. For the Beginning Beekeeper's Certification Program. 7:00 p.m. Association meetings are held in the cafeteria. The Beginning Beekeeping class meets in the Science room next to the cafeteria.
PresidentLaurie Pyne630-577-7825president@olympiabeekeepers.org
Vice PresidentMechele Linehan610-425-7551vicepresident@olympiabeekeepers.org
SecretaryMary HaynesSecretary@olympiabeekeepers.org
TreasurerAndrea Broyles253-719-7250Treasurer@olympiabeekeepers.org
Newsletter EditorDana SmithNewsletter@olympiabeekeepers.org
Beekeeper InstructorBob Smith360-894-2159bobsmith@ywave.com
Last updated:April 3, 2015

Pacific Northwest Queen Rearing Club

MeetingsMeeting are the last Monday of the month except for Oct, Nov, Dec, and Jan. We meet at the 78th Street Heritage Farm, 1919 NE 78th Street, Vancouver, WA 98665 at 6:30 PM.
PresidentJeff Udy503-348-2891
Vice PresidentWade Henke360-901-5245Wa3hen@aol.com
SecretaryCatherine Miller-Smith360-573-4883artbycjm@yahoo.com
TreasurerJames Bussell 360-910-8116
Last updated:December 7, 2015

Area 3

Central Washington Beekeepers Association

MeetingsMeets the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM in the Dr.
Michael Murphy Auditorium at Yakima Regional Medical & Cardiac Center,
110 South 9th Avenue, Yakima.
PresidentAndrew Bottino509-480-8430Bottino@fairpoint.net
Vice PresidentRuss Ryan509-823-0841
Secretary/TreasurerTerri Towner509-494-9224
Past-Pres/Program CommitteeCliff Peterson509-969-8844cliff98942@yahoo.com
Education CommitteeBrian Johnson509-961-4477brian@inlinesteel.com
Last updated:March 29, 2015

Mid Columbia Beekeepers Association

MeetingsMeets the 2nd Tuesday of the each month at 7:00 P.M. at the Richland Church of Christ, 933 Thayer Drive. Doors open at 6:00pm for the early bees. Feel free to show early and ask questions. Demonstrations and Bee Education takes place 7:00-8:00pm. Business meeting 8:00-8:30pm.
PresidentEd Kellie509-521-1814ejkellie@yahoo.com
Vice PresidentDick Carpenter509-836-9911rcarp@live.com
Secretary (records)Emily Hood360-798-7619
Secretary (membership)Debbie Clark509-521-2157
TreasurerChristy Sleater541-771-9829Cannedmulder@gmail.com
Newsletter EditorEverett Grey509-539-3920evygrey@gmail.com
Beekeeper InstructorTodd Gervais509-987-2089toddgervais@gmail.com
Last updated:June 17, 2015

Beekeepers of Kittitas County

MeetingsMeets the second Tuesday of each month at Naneum Bee Farm 6:30 PM
4451 Naneum Rd
Ellensburg, WA
ContactKat Satnik509-962-4043
60 Cascadia Lane
Ellensburg, WA 98926
Last updated:May 27, 2014

Area 4

Methow Valley Beekeepers

Visit us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/108817582475119/?ref=ts&fref=ts
PresidentDave Sabold 509-996-2522 store@gardnergardens.com
Last updated:March 15, 2013

North Central Washington Beekeepers Association

MeetingsBee Chat - usually the 2nd Thursday of the month at a local restaurant 6pm
NCWBA Business/Education Meeting - usually the 3rd or 4th Sunday of the month - usually at Chelan Co PUD Auditorium in Wenatchee 5pm
PresidentSteve Foley509-885-0986president@ncwbees.com
Vice PresidentDaryn Klingensmithvicepresident@ncwbees.com
SecretaryAlice Crawfordsecretary@ncwbees.com
Treasurer/MembershipKris Crilly 509-664-3278treasurer@ncwbees.com
Swarm ContactJeff O'Brien(425) 238-7563
(509) 470-8549
Swarm ContactMaria Langer(509) 699-8044swarms@ncwbees.com
Swarm ContactFelix Slette509-885-3407 prefers textswarms@ncwbees.com
WebmasterMaria Langermaria@marialanger.com
Last updated:April 8, 2016

Area 5

Palouse Beekeepers Association

MeetingsWe meet on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm. The address is: 314 E. 2nd Street, Moscow, Idaho. This is a house and we meet on the second floor.
PresidentJerry Coker509-397-6040coker49jer@live.com
TreasurerDebbie Alperin208-883-3766campviola@moscow.com
Beekeeper InstructorSusan Pochpoch31@gmail.com
Last updated:February 14, 2014

Area 6

Inland Empire Beekeepers

MeetingsMeets the 2nd Friday of every month at 7:30 PM at the Spokane County Ag Extension Office by the County Fairgrounds, at 222 N. Havana, Spokane, WA.
PresidentDaren Mumau509-926-4177president@bee-mail.org
Vice PresidentTed Swenson509-220-0185vp@bee-mail.org
SecretaryJulie Watts509-724-1708secretary@bee-mail.org
TreasurerScott Ingles509-838-7996treasurer@bee-mail.org
Beekeeper InstructorTed Swensontedandbarb@icehouse.net
Latest update:April 3, 2015

West Plains Beekeepers

MeetingsPizza Factory, 123 S. Broad Street, Medical Lake. Meets the third Friday of each month. Pizza starts 6 pm, the educational presentation starts at 6:30 and the meeting at 7 pm.
Website www.westplainsbeekeepers.org
PresidentDon Richter509-990-5536
Vice PresidentEllen Miller509-939-3752
SecretarySandy Fanara509-994-7649
TreasurerSherry Hession509-464-0490
Last updated:April 18, 2016

Backyard Beekeepers Association

Meetings3rd Thursday of every month in 108 E Crawford St (Bug-N-Out), Deer Park, WA, at 6:30 pm.
PresidentPat McGintybackyardbeekeepersassociation@gmail.com
Vice PresidentEric Sims
SecretaryKimberlee Kealiher
TreasurerKurt Veeder
Last updated:June 14, 2015