January 2013 President’s Message

Mark Emrich

New WSBA President, Mark Emrich

Dear fellow W.S.B.A. members,

First let me wish you all a Happy New Year! I am looking forward to what I hope will be answers to some of the beekeeping questions that we all have been asking for many years. As to that end, our new web site is taking shape, and should be up and running in the spring. Paul Lundy has been working hard on the project. This new web site will be easier to use, and we will be able to get the user the information they are looking for more precisely.

On another subject, thanks to Paul Lundy and the rest of the W.S.B.A team along with President Jim Smith of W.A.S. for putting on a great conference! It was well run, and well attended. As members, we should always try to take time to make it to the yearly conference. It is a great way to hear about the newest and best science that is out there, from local members to well known scientists that are working on queen quality and bee nutrition just to name a few.

I must tell you that this was my fourth conference, and as a member of the board of a local association I enjoy speaking with others in my position. I find that spending time with other associate members, and hearing about things that their associations are doing, programs they are running, how they support their newer beekeepers, and projects they are trying to institute is extremely valuable.

I would like to see a venue where we as local associations could publicize some of the things that we have tried that have worked (i.e. mentor programs, queen rearing classes, kids’ classes, and public communications to name a few). We can learn a lot from each other.

We are still working toward a Washington State Honey queen — a great representative of the industry to have out in the community helping in the education of the general public.

We are also working on keeping the tax relief going for beekeepers. I hope to have more interaction with our associates and the State on this and other issues.

Here is hoping that the new year will be a great one for our bees, and the beekeepers that enjoy them.
Mark Emrich, W.S.B.A President


  1. Lisa W. says:

    Hello beekeepers,
    Our 4H club seeks a beek willing to travel to Snohomish WA to provide a WA state apprentice course to our young members. We have funding to pay the $15 per person fee, just need a volunteer who can administer the classes.
    Thank you!

  2. Susan McCormick says:

    I know of a bee garden where the manager uses Roundup. What are your thoughts on the use of Roundup and other pesticides in a bee garden?

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