It is Pesticide season – neonicotinoid list

Photo: Randy Oliver

Photo: Randy Oliver

Here are some common brand names of pesticides containing neonicotinoids. These pesticides are implicated in honey bee deaths.

Clothianidin: Aloft, Green Light, Poncho

Thiamethoxam: Actara, Cruiser, Flagship, Platinum

Imidacloprid: 12 Month Tree & Shrub Protect & Feed, Complete Brand Insect Killer For Soil & Turf, Admire, Advantage (flea & tick for dogs), Criterion, Goucho, Marathon, Merit, Premier, Provado, Rose Defense

For a more complete list compiled by that shows the brand name and manufacturer, go here:

The State of California also has a comprehensive list:

Other links about pollinators and pesticide use:



  1. All the big box store like Home Depot and Lowes and many of the nurseries only have plant that have been treated with this pesticide. Much of the public is uninformed abou this pesticide therefore they are buying the plants. A stand need a to be made against his pesticide as there was against DDT.

  2. Caroline duPre' says:

    I live in Southern California and have had 11 fruits trees—Apricot, peach, nectarine, apple, plum, cherry, avocado, papaya, lemon, lime, persimmon—for about 3 years and have never had to use any pesticides ever. I have had to spray Neem Oil (a natural substance) on a palm tree in a pot. And, I have 2- 4′ x 7′ vegetable beds that only needed Neem Oil on one plant.

    However, i only use organic fertilizer on all my plants, flowers and trees. When plants are given better quality food, they quickly gain the strength to protect themselves. And, my fruits are incredibly sweet

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