House Bill 1558 update (continuing the B&O tax exemption for beekeepers)

Mark EmrichRep. J. T. Wilcox is from the 2nd District (Yelm, Graham, Eatonville) and sits on the House Finance Committee. The committee heard testimony on HB 1558 on Feb. 4. On his website, he offers a weekly update on the legislature. Here is the link:

On that page, go to the bottom right side of the page for his weekly video update. This one is dated Feb. 11.

Representative Wilcox reviews some tax bills that he considers Bad, and some that he considers Good. He states very clearly that he thinks HB 1558 (continuing the B&O tax exemption for beekeepers) is a GOOD bill and that he will support it.

Terrific to have his support! It calls for a big thank you!

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