Have you used HiveTracks? Join the Washington State Beekeepers group!

HiveTrack_logoHello fellow Beekeepers, I would like to introduce a fascinating and useful web based hive management tool called HiveTracks. It is one the better hive management software I have used.

The website is comprehensive and very easy to use. Another great feature is it is free!

One very useful item of the site is you can set up a group of members that can share their data with the other beekeepers in the group. This is a great way to see what others are doing and what type of things they are doing with their hives. For example, what types of diseases they had encountered, what the method of treatment was and if the treatment was successful. Please go to the Hive Track site at http://www.hivetracks.com and take a look around. Please consider using the site to help fellow beekeepers in the state of Washington to become better beekeepers.

I have setup a Washington State Beekeepers group so that we can see what is going on throughout the state and also to see if there are certain things going on in the state they we should be aware of. Once you create a free account and log in there is a wheel in the upper right part of the screen. When you click on that you will see Groups at the bottom of the selection screen. Click on that and it will take you to the group section. Then click on Washington State and then join. http://hivetracks.com/groups/washingtonstate

Gary Ehrenfeld


Editors note: There is also a pay version of the web tool “HiveTrack Pro” that is $59.99/year that has more features.

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