For Instructors

WASBA course instructors are required:

  • To be a member of WASBA.
  • To be certified at a Journeyman or Master level, or be under the direction of a Journeyman or Master.
  • To use the approved WASBA course materials, augmenting with additional information as appropriate.


  • Obtain the current WASBA course material for the class being taught by contacting to verify the most recent edition and to order materials allowing two weeks for delivery.
  • Use the WASBA Progress Form 2018 to capture student/class information.
  • Download the  WASBA Course Report Form  . The Course Report must be downloaded using the download icon at the top right of the screen.  DO NOT use Google Sheets; the form must be downloaded.
  • When you open the form click on the “enable editing” prompt at the top of the form and then click on the “enable content”. The Course Report is an Excel spreadsheet with 3 tabs.  Please read the instructions on the Instructions tab at the bottom of the form before filling out the form.  The form is designed to be filled out using the Student Data Entry button on sheet 1 and the Course Input button on sheet 2.  Complete both sheets (Students, Course) using the buttons. If you have problems accessing or submitting the spreadsheet contact 
  • Email a copy of the spreadsheet to

Note: Certificates will not be issued until payment has been received.

If your association is currently a member of WASBA, the course materials for the Beginning, Apprentice, and Journeyman courses can be obtained from us by contacting   (If your club is not a member, you can easily become a member simply by contacting the WASBA Treasurer  The yearly dues are a modest, $1/club member/year.

We have had a number of questions on how to use the instructor notes feature in PowerPoint. Here is a link to a short video

The Beginning Beekeeper Course includes a written manual, the course exam with answers for the instructors, and PowerPoint presentations for each of the chapters in the manual.  The PowerPoint presentation is provided to each club as a guideline as we understand that, due to differences across our state, some modifications need to be made based on location and circumstances.  Your instructors can easily make these changes to the presentation.

The Apprentice beekeeping course is in the process of being revised using two existing sets of curricula that have been proven successful in Washington State and will include a written manual, the course exam with answers for the instructors, and PowerPoint presentations for each of the chapters in the manual.  We plan on having the revised Apprentice curriculum ready Spring/Summer 2019.

The Journeyman beekeeping course includes the manual, Power Point presentations for instructors to use, suggested homework topics, and questions with answers for each chapter.

All course materials will be revised annually to ensure inclusion of current research and corrections will be made more frequently if necessary.