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Kees Koff from East Jefferson Beekeepers gives practical instructions on supporting beekeepers. How to contact your legislator representative:

Dear Fellow Beekeepers,

DO THIS TODAY. It takes about 2 minutes to make a difference. Here is what you do:

1. Go to

2. On the map, click on your district. Then click on one of your legislators.

3. Then click on e-mail them.

4. Enter your address, etc. and it will send you to a page where you can

5. Tell them the bill of interest: 1558

6. That you support it

7. Want the note sent to all 3 legislators.

8. Paste in a copy of Paul’s letter (below) or something similar.

9. Thank them for the work they do for us.

It’s almost as sweet as Honeybee Democracy. Here is a one page primer on the importance of supporting beekeepers for you to use: Leg-One-Pager-2013FEB (PDF)

Cheers, Kees

First,  thank you for all you do for us.
Please support Washington State Beekeepers by removing a competitive disadvantage, the B&O tax. Create a permanent exemption for beekeepers that for generations has already benefited farming operations. Remember, beekeeping is agriculture. Help grow the Washington State beekeeping industry so we can compete against out of state operators. Pass HB1558.
There is a similar Senate Bill 5453 that extends the expiring exemption for three years. The pressure on honey bees and beekeeping operations will not disappear. Please support a permanent exemption. Thank you.

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