Senate Bill 6402 – Defining honey bee products and services as an agricultural product

The Senate Agriculture, Water & Rural Economic Development Committee held a public hearing January 30, 2014 at 10AM on defining honey bee products and services as an agricultural product. This is an important issue as beekeeping is considered agriculture at the federal level but is not recognized in Washington State as being a direct agricultural activity or agricultural … [Read more...]

President’s message January 2014

The end of the year is finally upon us. As years go this was a wild one for records. The weather was some of the most unsettled that we have seen in many years. One of the earliest springs, driest late summer, wettest early fall, and one of the driest Decembers to date. Another record goes to the Education Committee as by the middle of this year, over 3,000 beekeepers have received certificates … [Read more...]

Master Beekeeper Committee Update

It is with great sadness, and reluctance that I accept the resignation of Louis Matej as co-chair of the Master Beekeeper Committee affective December 1 2013. We have had several conversations about his retirement as committee chair in the past few months, and he has hung in at my request to help get my feet under me. His help with getting me up to speed has been invaluable, but his feeling that … [Read more...]

The Science Behind Honey’s Eternal Shelf Life – Smithsonian

The Science Behind Honey’s Eternal Shelf Life (from The Smithsonian) Modern archeologists, excavating ancient Egyptian tombs, have often found something unexpected amongst the tombs’ artifacts: pots of honey, thousands of years old, and yet still preserved. Through millennia, the archeologists discover, the food remains unspoiled, an unmistakable testament to the eternal shelf-life of … [Read more...]

CATCH THE BUZZ – Coalition Uses Full Page Ads

Broad Coalition focuses Awareness on Pollinator Declines Beyond Pesticides, Center for Food Safety and Pesticide Action Network, supported by Ceres Trust and joined by more than 60 other organizations, launched a national media campaign to bring attention to the severity of pollinator declines due in part to the use of bee-harming pesticides. The campaign launch was timed to coincide with the … [Read more...]

Neonicotinoid Pesticides and Honey Bees – WSU

The latest facts on Neonicotinoid Pesticides and Honey Bees by WSU's Timothy Lawrence, Director, WSU Island County Extension; and Walter S. Sheppard, Professor and Chair, Department of Entomology, WSU is published. You can find it here: PDF of Neonicotinoid Pesticides  and Honey Bees - WSU Washington State University Extension Fact Sheet FS122E … [Read more...]

Bees Need Enough Good Food, All Of The Time

CATCH THE BUZZ It’s Simple, Bees Need Enough Good Food, All Of The Time By Christine Souza, assistant editor of Ag Alert, California Farm Bureau Federation At a first-of-its-kind meeting in Sacramento, beekeepers, farmers and representatives of public and private organizations gathered to discuss how to improve honeybee populations by allowing beekeepers access to more sources of bee … [Read more...]

WSU Research Grants Approved

Each year WSU graduate students request the support of the Washington State Beekeepers Association to further basic honey bee research at WSU Entomology Department. Many times, the research WSU completed had a positive impact on commercial and small scale beekeepers ability to manage honey bees. This year three students received $7,500 in funding; Brandon K. Hopkins – PhD student and Research … [Read more...]

WSBA Annual Conference 2013 Register Now!

The State conference is this week! Sign up now! Don't miss out on a great bunch of presentations that will make you a better beekeeper. Conference Agenda here (PDF) WSBA Annual Conference 2013 is just around the corner starting October 3! More details here: The 2013 Washington State Beekeepers Association annual conference is October 3 – … [Read more...]

WSBA Annual Conference 2013

The 2013 Washington State Beekeepers Association annual conference is October 3 – 5, 2013 at the Best Western Evergreen Inn and Suites located in Federal Way, WA. Learn about … Sustainable beekeeping practices. West Coast beekeeping methods. The latest research in honeybee health. Methods to raise your own queens. On-line registration here.  Mail-In Registration Form Meet … [Read more...]