WSBA Well represented at Olympia

Mark Emrich

W.S.B.A. was well represented in Olympia on February 4th. Sue Olson, Franclyn Heinecke, Charles Bennett, and myself all gave testimony on House Bill #hb 1558. Sue took the lead with her testimony on how this tax would impact her company, that with all the other problems we face in beekeeping at this time that it would be of great help to beekeepers not to be burdened by more taxation. We all … [Read more...]

Sales and use tax deferral for Beekeepers

pink flowers

Today, Washington State Beekeepers are exempt from the following taxes: • the B&O tax on the wholesale sale of honey and honey bee products; • the B&O tax on bee pollination services; and • the sales and use tax on the sale of pollinating bees. To qualify for these tax exemptions, beekeepers must be registered with the Department of Agriculture. These tax exemptions expire on July … [Read more...]

January 2013 President’s Message

Mark Emrich

Dear fellow W.S.B.A. members, First let me wish you all a Happy New Year! I am looking forward to what I hope will be answers to some of the beekeeping questions that we all have been asking for many years. As to that end, our new web site is taking shape, and should be up and running in the spring. Paul Lundy has been working hard on the project. This new web site will be easier to use, and we … [Read more...]

Retiring President’s message

Paul Lundy

It has been a good two years serving as your President. We’ve got a lot done and it is because of you. Both Jim Bach, your Secretary, and Paul Hosticka, your Treasurer, hold everything together and never get enough thanks for a job well done. Paul & Jim, you are the best. Our past VP, Eric Olson, has done such a fantastic job working with WSU on large beekeeping research projects, getting more … [Read more...]