CATCH THE BUZZ – Miticides, Ag Chem Mix Deadly In Hives


To read the full article, please go here: CATCH THE BUZZ Miticides, Ag Chems and Inert Ingredients A Deadly Mix In A Beehive. Alan Harman Disturbing new research finds four pesticides commonly used to kill mites, insects and fungi – fluvalinate, coumaphos, chlorothalonil and chlorpyrifos – are also killing honey bee larvae … [Read more...]

HopGuard (hop beta acids) Section 18 use approved

Good news everyone, HopGuard (hop beta acids) and has been approved for use to control Varroa mites in Washington State for 2014. January 27, 2014 update: Recently, BetaTec (the manufacturer of HopGuard) has reformulated the strip to better treat for Varroa mites. The new strip is corrugated and has a mylar backing to help with many of the application issues identified in the field. The … [Read more...]

Australian Honeybees Unable to Make Honey – Due to Heatwave

From The Huffington Post. For more of this article, please go here: Dr. Reese Halter. Broadcaster, Conservation Biologist, Educator. Australia's hottest spring on record has spawn droughts and intense heatwaves; it has been disastrous for honeybees as  temperatures soar. Almost 700 species … [Read more...]

Willapa/Grays Harbor Oyster Growers Association proposing neonicotinoid application in Willapa Bay – Please help

The Washington Dept. of Ecology (Ecology) is beginning the process for allowing the use of imidacloprid insecticide by the Willapa/Grays Harbor Oyster Growers Association in the Willapa Bay area located on the southwest Pacific coast of Washington state. As you know this is a neonicotinoid insecticide and harmful to honeybees. We have an active beekeeping group in this area (Willapa River … [Read more...]

Bee Deaths May Stem From Virus, Study Says – NY Times

By MICHAEL WINES JAN. 21, 2014 The New York Times The mysterious mass die-offs of honeybees that have wiped out roughly a third of commercial colonies each year since 2006 may be linked to a rapidly mutating virus that jumped from tobacco plants to soy plants to bees, according to a new study. To read the complete article, please go … [Read more...]

Register Your Hives

Honey bee hives and smoker

Please register your hives with the Washington State Department of Agriculture to take advantage of state tax exemptions. Link to the registration form: Apiary Registration form … [Read more...]

Revised Miticide Regulations

Honey Bee Macro photo by ?

Revised miticide  regulations have been released.  Here is the latest approved miticides from Washington State Department of Agriculture: Approved Miticide list (PDF) … [Read more...]

Beekeeper of the Year 2013

Beekeeper of the Year 2013 This year we had a good number of very good candidates put up by their local association. It is always a challenge to pick one beekeeper that has made the greatest impact in beekeeping each year. Many times it is a long time commitment to beekeeping, and volunteering of their time. Beekeeping in most cases is a singular craft. Many of us enjoy laboring with our … [Read more...]

Catch the Buzz – Mann Lake buys TONS of sugar from US Gov.

CATCH THE BUZZ A Nickel A Pound Five cents a pound. The U.S. Government, sitting on a whole mountain range of surplus sugar, sold it all – almost 80 tons, 160 million pounds – Friday to two companies. Mann Lake Ltd, of Woodland, California, which also sell supplies and honey bee feed to beekeepers, bought 56 percent of the 79,750 tons that were offered by USDA for their sweetener business in … [Read more...]

CATCH THE BUZZ – Sulfoxaflor Registration Challenged

Beekeeping Industry Challenge to EPA: Reevaluate Toxic Bee-Killing Pesticide Beekeeping business struggling to stay afloat amid costly threat from pesticide San Francisco, C.A. — National beekeeping organizations along with the National Honey Bee Advisory Board and the Pollinator Stewardship Council have filed an opening brief in an appeal challenging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency … [Read more...]