Canada Border To Remain Closed…Probably


Canada Border To Remain Closed…Probably.

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Alan Harman

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is refusing to release its risk assessment on bees from the United States, but media reports say the agency has concluded the border should remain closed because of four serious risks from the U.S., including Africanized honeybees and medication-resistant pests.

A CFIA spokeswoman tells Bee Culture the assessment has been sent to interested groups with a request for comments, but will not be released to the media.

The 71-page assessment finds the risks from U.S. package bees have not changed since the last assessment in 2003. It claims the U.S. does little to inspect for or restrain the movement of honeybee diseases.

The agency carried out the assessment after commercial beekeepers in Manitoba and Alberta asked the federal government to open the border, saying devastating winter losses put Canada’s pollination industry in peril.

Canada closed the border to U.S. packages in 1987. Since 1993 it has allowed honeybee queens to be imported from the U.S. However, starter packages with up to 10,000 bees are banned.

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