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Forum registration improvements

Postby Ari » Sat Aug 30, 2014 11:03 am

As part of the forum test we were running, we had a spammer attack, which was a great opportunity for testing the forum before it goes public.

I had to learn quickly the forum admin tools, because the spammer was posting faster than we could delete messages.

Since the forum was not active, we figured out that all the accounts that registered after I did were all spam accounts. If the forum had been active at the time, it would have been very difficult to pick and choose the accounts that were spammers from the ones that were valid users.

This is the report on the spammer approach:
The spammer manually registered some accounts to begin with.

The first accounts he registered were kind of meaningful (with realistic names and information). Based on his experience on registering those accounts manually, he found a way to write code to register automatically an incredible amount of accounts which started looking like spammer accounts (automatically generated).

Then he started unleashing automatic posts from those accounts.

While we were under attack I checked the forum settings and we had the anti-spam filters activated, but that would not prevent the spammer creating more accounts and posting anything.

The current forum system version is the latest version available, so I'm wondering if there is any plug-in we could add or feature we could enable that would filter automated attacks.

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