Beekeeping in the Pacific Northwest – West Sound Beekeepers

WestsoundbeeclassJoin us for our Beekeeping in the Pacific Northwest Course Saturday June 29th, 2013 8:30am- 4:30pm at West Sound Beekeepers Association located in Silverdale Washington at Stedman Bee Supplies. This course is for All beekeepers that want to improve their beekeeping knowlege and become a better beekeeper.

Whether you have just completed an Apprentice Beekeeping Class and mid way into your first year of beekeeping, or if you are a seasoned beekeeper and need a refresher. Some beekeepers have kept bees for years, but because they keep repeating the same mistakes they are not gaining years of beekeeping experience. Instead they are stuck in being a first year beekeeper year after year. Take the next step, and leap into becoming a better beekeeper!

We take a more in depth look at swarm prevention, splits, overwintering hives, pests & disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention, increase honey yields and tricks of the trade. There will be hands on demonstrations in the afternoon so all beekeepers must bring a hat and veil or suit. For example, you will have the opportunity to participate in activities such as making splits, sugar rolls, sugar dusting and mite counts, hygienic testing, etc. Download Details and Registration Form

  • European Honey Bee Biology
  • Types of Flowers Used
  • Equipment Use Review
  • Workings of the Hive
  • Swarm prevention
  • Splits
  • Varroa Mite, Tracheal Mite & Nosema
  • Seasonal Management
  • Pulling the Surplus Honey
  • The Extraction Process
  • Honey Marketing


  1. glenn mersiosky says:

    Do you here in the pacific northwest have the killer bee? I have the common killer house fly which preceeds the killer bee. I evolved from south texas 10 years ago.

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