Beekeeper sentenced for stealing beehives in Whatcom County

Beekeeper who makes popular honey sentenced for stealing beehives in Whatcom County



EVERSON – Twenty-eight honeybee hives were stolen in rural Whatcom County by the owner of Guilmette’s Busy Bees, a local business that makes a popular wildflower honey.

Joseph Eugene “Skip” Guilmette, 31, won’t serve time in jail for the felony theft. Instead, he has to repay $14,450 to the rival farmer for hauling off seven pallets of hives, bees and honey with his forklift, Superior Court Judge Deborra Garrett ruled last week.

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  1. toni johnson says:

    the media surrounding this incident is just terrible. i have worked for guilmettes for the past eight years and happen to know that there is more to the story…..(of course) this article regarding the incident with Skip has absolutely devastated the company. he made bad decisions in the heat of emotion that he is not the only one suffering for. i for one have had to deal with the embarrassment of facing disgusted long time clients who no longer choose to do business with us because they only get a brief snapshot of the actual events and see Skip as the entirety of the business. Skip has since entered a rehab center and is dealing with plenty of grief and loss. the rest of us are trying to hold a sinking business from collapsing completely. what do we need to do? change the label? the name? it seems everyone still wants our honey but cant get it in stores anymore. i have to hand it to the few stores who have stuck it out with us through these tough times. you are very brave. im still very proud to be a part of the guilmette famiily business and plan to do what it takes to push through the bad because the most important thing is the health of the bees and how important they are to the health of the planet and the people. i believe in the bees. the beekeeper will be ok too. cheers!

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