Beekeeper of the Year 2013

copper smokerBeekeeper of the Year 2013

This year we had a good number of very good candidates put up by their local association. It is always a challenge to pick one beekeeper that has made the greatest impact in beekeeping each year. Many times it is a long time commitment to beekeeping, and volunteering of their time.

Beekeeping in most cases is a singular craft. Many of us enjoy laboring with our bees, but it is not usually seen as a group activity. People who want to share their love of beekeeping by teaching, public education, and mentoring of others are those that are recognized by their associations for this award. We are lucky to have such people in our associations, and most of us have become beekeepers because of their work.

This year, for the first time, we decided to designate the Beekeeper of the Year award posthumously.

Mr. Jim Bach is our Beekeeper of the Year for 2013. Jim’s lifetime work at beekeeping, and dedication to beekeeping education made him the ideal candidate. It is too bad we couldn’t acknowledge the fantastic influence Jim had on us all before he passed. Jim’s bio, and passing can be found on the web site. The copper smoker will be awarded to his wife Fran Bach. I thank all of associations for putting up such great candidates.


Mark Emrich


Washington State Beekeepers Association


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