WASBA Board meeting in Ellensburg – October 5th

The June 8th WASBA Board meeting will be held 11 AM to 5PM at the Kittatas Room at the Hal Holmes Center in Ellensburg, WA.  Located at 209 N. Ruby St., Ellensburg, WA. … [Read more...]

August 2019 President’s Message

My wife and I began keeping bees 8 years ago and for the first 4 years, we lost nearly every hive over the winter. We worked hard each year to make sure that the bees had the best opportunity to survive winter, but each spring, nearly all of our hives died. Upon examining our dead hives I saw hat we had plenty of honey in the hives and a large cluster of dead bees in a ball somewhere in the hive. … [Read more...]

From The President

I recently attended the “Bees of Summer” conference hosted by the Mid Colum- bia Beekeepers Association in the Tri-Cities. They had some great speakers and I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know. The conference on Saturday was followed by a hands on demonstration at their Apiary on Sunday. Steve Page from Barrington Farms Apiary in Georgia presented on how to split hives and make your … [Read more...]

WASBA At Work for Washington State Beekeepers

WASBA Beekeepers are now protected from civil liability thanks to House Bill 1133 which recently passed the state legislature and was signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee on May 7. To be protected under the law, beekeepers must register with the state Department of Agriculture as beekeepers and abide by all city, town, or county ordinances regarding beekeeping. These rules usually relate to … [Read more...]

NOW LIVE! The 2018-2019 Colony Loss and Management Survey!

Spring means one thing: it’s time to take the Bee Informed Partnership’s annual Colony Loss and Management Survey! It’s easy! One click and you are in, ready to take the survey and to serve our nation’s beekeeping industry: TAKE THE SURVEY TODAY! The information that you provide will be invaluable to our understanding of honey bee health around the country. As background, the … [Read more...]

Wonders of the Hive

For 2019 BG Bees will be offering “in hive” learning. Each bee club, state and regional forum is filled with information on various aspects of beekeeping. The typical Backyard Beekeeper reads, watches YouTube, and possibly browses other forums. What is screaming to acquire is “hands on” experience through the assistance of highly qualified “bee ICONs”. Each person attending will be exposed to a … [Read more...]

Approved Membership Meeting Minutes February 9, 2019

Hi folks, here are the latest meeting minutes. I’ll get the new Board members posted on the website soon! Called to Order by Kevin Oldenburg, President at approximately 4:35 p.m. February 9, 2019 at Eastern Washington University.  Minutes taken by Ellen Miller, filling in as temporary Secretary. A quorum is present. Election of BOD members:  All nominees listed on the written ballot … [Read more...]


February 9, 2019 8AM – 5PM 8 – 9 AM Registration and Check-in 9 – 9:50             Scientific: Mobile Apps for Pest and Disease Management in Honey Bees – Jerry Bromenshank             Hobby: Bees, Science and How the Media Gets it Wrong – Kevin Oldenburg 9:55 – 10:45             Scientific: Improving Honey Bee … [Read more...]

President’s January Message

I thought it might be fun to look back over the past year to see just how far we have come as an organization, so here is my “State of WASBA” address. After a long absence, WASBA has reinstituted our annual beekeepers conference. We have a great conference committee who have worked together to pull this off. As of this writing, we have nearly 150 participants signed up for the event and we … [Read more...]

2019 WASBA General Membership Meeting

February 9, 2019 4:20 PM, Reading Room, Hargreaves Hall, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA. All WASBA members are invited to attend the annual membership meeting that will take place immediately following the last presentation of the annual conference. In addition to an update from WASBA President Kevin Oldenburg, election of the Board of Directors will take place.Current WASBA members can … [Read more...]