Australian Honeybees Unable to Make Honey – Due to Heatwave

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Dr. Reese Halter. Broadcaster, Conservation Biologist, Educator.

Australia’s hottest spring on record has spawn droughts and intense heatwaves; it has been disastrous for honeybees as  temperatures soar. Almost 700 species of Eucalyptus produce fewer flowers during heatwaves. Those eucalypt flowers are vital for the health and well being for over 1,600 kinds of wild Australian bees and the domesticated honeybees.

So now instead of searching far and wide for flowers to harvest nectar to turn into honey or collect protein-rich pollen to feed the larvae or performing their role as pollinators, the honeybees are spending the lion’s share of each day from 10AM to 7PM searching exclusively for fresh water to cool down their hives.


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