Another Attack on Our Clean Water Protections

Educate Your U.S. Representative: Tell Them to Protect Our Nation’s Waterways from Pesticides

YImage of mosquito spray on pond courtesy et again, a select few members of Congress are attempting to rush through the deceptively named  “Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act” (HR 935), which would in fact eliminate critical Clean Water Act protections for our nation’s waterways.

This bill would:
(1) undermine federal authority to protect U.S. waters under the Clean Water Act, 
(2) allow spraying of toxic chemicals into waterways without local and state oversight,
(3) not reduce claimed burdens to farmers since there is no burden as there is no real economic cost and agricultural activities are exempt, and
(4) contaminate drinking water sources and harm aquatic life.

Already nearly 2,000 waterways are impaired for pesticide contamination, and likely many more have simply not been tested.We can’t allow a regressive slide away from public health and environmental safety for our nation’s waterways.

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