American Foulbrood Disease Survey

My name is Diane Yost and I am in search of apiarists willing to participate in a case study. The deadline to participate is November 2, 2018.

As a graduate student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas from 2011-2013, I studied an alternate method of treatment for American Foulbrood disease for my master’s thesis.  I am now pursuing further graduate courses at Colorado State University, and am interested in gaining insight from the viewpoint of apiarists concerning how widespread AFB is compared to other diseases, the economic loss associated with AFB compared with the loss associated with other diseases, and determining how feasible incorporating a prophylactic treatment for AFB would be.

I have created a survey to better understand the concerns associated with AFB and am interested in gaining this knowledge by asking for apiarists’ input.  

Please fill out the Word document survey here; AFB_Survey_YOST_2018 then email the survey back to with the e-mail subject “AFB Survey”.

Thank you for your time!

Diane Yost

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