Washington State Beekeepers Association Mission

The WSBA was created specifically to serve Washington State Beekeepers in the following areas:

  • To help maintain vibrant local beekeeping organizations
  • To assist the agricultural community
  • To improve relations between Beekeepers, Government Agencies, and the Public
  • To promote Beekeeping and bee products in the State of Washington and abroad
  • To promote and maintain industry connections at the state, national, and international level
  • To collectively represent all Beekeepers of Washington State
  • To promote and enhance academic research into beekeeping practice in the State of Washington


Your membership in the WSBA contributes to the welfare of the hobbyist and professional Beekeeper in Washington State. As a group, the WSBA is able to lobby for things such as the Section 18 permission to uses specific miticides, as well as fund research and development. Activities throughout the year highlight current research, train new beekeepers, and assist experienced beekeepers in learning new techniques. Furthermore, the monthly newsletter will keep you abreast of issues affecting all of us in Washington State.


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