Honey Queen Program

2013 American Honey Queen Caroline Adams

2013 American Honey Queen Caroline Adams

The Washington State Beekeepers Association (WSBA) sponsors the Washington State Honey Queen program and annually selects a young woman between the ages of 17 and 24 to serve a year long term as the Washington State Honey Queen. The selection is made at the WSBA convention each fall. Local honey queen’s who have served at least 6 months are eligible to compete for the state title. Candidates applying for the position are judged on an interview, scrapbook as a local honey queen, essay, marketing presentation, and interaction with attendees while at the convention.

The Washington State Honey Queen spends the year traveling the state, promoting the beekeeping and honey industry in Washington State. She is available to speak with students of all ages, agricultural groups, civic groups and youth groups as well as appearing at fairs, festivals, and farmers markets.

After crowning her successor at her outgoing WSBA convention, the Washington State Honey Queen competes for the national American Honey Queen position, sponsored by the American Beekeeping Federation.

Stay tuned while we get the program started!

The Washington State Honey Queen program gives young women from across Washington the opportunity to develop strong speaking skills, confidence, poise and professionalism, all while promoting the beekeeping and honey industries.

Each Queen and her court participate in various events throughout the year of their reign. Events include Banquets, Festivals, Parades, School presentations, County Fairs and the American Honey Queen contest. We encourage every Queen to be proactive, by seeking out new opportunities for her to attend.

There are many privileges that come with being crowned Honey Queen, first and foremost being attention. You will be known everywhere you go. Many honey queens have used their experiences to further their roles as agriculture ambassadors, obtaining positions with Agriculture groups and other industry opportunities.

This experience is one that will affect the rest of your life. So enjoy this experience and treasure the many memories you will make.